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Gems & Remedies

Gems stones supporting to planets which ar beneficial for our horoscope. With Gemstones we make related planet powerful and strong. It is a beneficial remedy to get good results from planets in life. Some remedies from Red Books are powerful for quick relief from problem creating planets. Some remedies are from Old Vedas according to planets to make them strong and provide relief from problems.

Gems & Metals: when worn correctly help tide over malefic effects of planets. Report outlines which gems stone sill suit you, weight of gemstone, right metal and time, day, date and other wearing Instructions for the Gem Stone, in order to get what you desire from it and mantras to keep it energized for the future.

Mantra: It is the recitation of a particular sound repeatedly to overcome the problems set forth by the planet which responds to that particular sound. Each root word generates a sound that activates a different centre in the human body that correlates to the particular planet. Tantra: At times when the Mantra does not work because of difficult malefic position of planets in a horoscope in that case Tantric sound patterns work like surgery and clears most of the hurdles.

Yantra: This is a Mystic diagram often put up as a plaque. Some Yantra are a part of Tantra practice since Yantra is one of the cardinal principles of Tantra.

Lal Kitab: This offers unique remedial measures to solve chronic and critical human problems in day-to-day life. These measures do not require the practice of ordeals, complicated and expensive rituals, which prove more troublesome for persons who are already in trouble because of the evil effects of certain planets. The measures suggested in Lal Kitab are effective in solving all kinds of human troubles and tensions, without inflicting harm on anybody i.e. these remedies are completely self defensive against the evils created by the planets without causing injury in anyway to anyone concerned.