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What is Astrology?

By: Vishnu P. Sharma

Astrology is the Science by we may detect how you tend to perceive the world, over a period of time.

The signs, planets, and aspects combine to give an individual a filter through which he will view his circumstances and react to them. The configuration of the natal chart is the base from which we start our life and from which all further growth will spring.

The transits, eclipses, and progressions alter that base and present challenges to our perception of the world and ourselves. The base never changes, but because of the aforementioned events we CAN act differently than our natal chart would at first suggest. It is the task of the astrologer to determine not only how we are prone to responding to the world, but also how we are likely to respond at this moment in time.

What astrology can do is help an individual understand how circumstances and perceptions have combined to form his behavior patterns. The individual can learn how it becomes habitual for him to react to incoming stimuli in certain ways. Despite what is logical or normal.

He is going to initially react from his astrological base.

  • He is going to temper his reactions through the transits.
  • He is going to grow through his eclipses.
  • He is going to alter his habits through his progressions.

Astrology is not a parlor game. It is a useful and viable tool for helping you understand who you are, why you are, and how you fit into the world.